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A Big Day!

My dad blowing out his birthday candles.
Hey All,

Now this is exciting, and years in the making. Yesterday, my dad, Nicholas, turned 90. Can you imagine? Ninety!

Something struck me while I was talking to him. He said, "Boy, the world has really changed since I was born." My dad was born in the family home, on 17th Street, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1921. The family didn't yet have a car, only rich folks were born in hospitals, and television had a few decades before it made an appearance in most homes.

That seems like a long time ago, I know. But the truth is that life is short, too short. Unfortunately, for many of the people I write about it's way too short, as they fall victim to violent crime. But even 90 years is a brief interlude here on earth. Our old planet spins so quickly, the years ticking by. It's true that there's nothing we can do to slow it down.

Yet, there is something we can do to make our time here count. We can use everyday, spend it with someone we love, work hard to make it the best it can be. I'm not always good about this, I admit. I get lulled into wasting time just like everyone else. But looking at my dad has made me think about the years to come and working hard to make the most of them.

Ninety is a family record, and we're all really proud of Dad for making it to such a grand age. We love having him around and hope for many more years ahead. No matter how long I live, I hope that when I look back, I see more smiles than frowns and hear more laughter than tears.
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