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Evil Beside Her


Imagine being married to a dangerous psychopath who stalks and attacks women. And then imagine that you tell the police, and they don't believe you. That's the story behind The Rapist's Wife.

When Linda first met James Bergstrom, he seemed the perfect mate. They were both Catholic, wanted children and a family. He was shy and had a steady job in a paint factory in Houston. Shortly after he left to join the Navy in Washington State, they married.

At first, their lives seemed idyllic. But soon, her quiet, gentle husband began acting out bizarre fantasies on her. What she didn't know was that during his long evening runs he was stalking other women, breaking into their homes, brandishing a gun or a knife. Sometimes, he tied them to their beds and raped them.

For three years, Linda Bergstrom lived with a dangerous psychopath. She tried to escape him; she couldn't get away. She called police, but they did nothing, even after she found his rape kit, duct tape, handcuffs, and a ski mask.

It took all of her determination to fight to bring her husband to justice, knowing that every moment she lived with him she and her daughter were in grave danger.

(Please note: This book was originally published as THE RAPIST'S WIFE. The new edition has new photos and an updated author's note.)