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Angel Falls Available for Pre-order!


Hey y'all,


So this is exciting: my new book, ANGEL FALLS, is now up for preorder on Amazon.com. Right now, it's only available in ebook form. But it will debut on September 15th, and at that time it'll be available at all retailers, in print as well as ebook. The audio book will drop that same day on Audible.


Here's the story in a nutshell: 


"A dynamic cast of characters, lush settings, and an engaging plot that is sure to excite Casey's legion of loyal fans."—New York Times bestselling author of Perennials, Julie Cantrell.


The jungle 1949: Everyone said it was impossible, dangerous, unwise. Three expeditions mounted by men had failed. How could one led by a woman succeed? "Don't be a fool. You'll die out there," a friend whispered to Ruth. But a siren haunted her dreams, calling to her. She had no choice but to follow it into the deepest, darkest jungle in the world, a decision that would change her life forever.


Houston 1993: A violent storm pummels the Gulf Coast. Fleeing from her abusive husband, Gabby Jordan becomes disoriented and lost. After a terrifying escape, she happens upon a convenience store bulletin board that leads her to the ramshackle, riverside house of a woman named Ruth. As Gabby's husband hunts her down, intent on revenge, Gabby and Ruth rely on their instincts and each other to fight for survival.  


Inspired by the true story of a woman explorer, Angel Falls is a poignant, inspirational tale of two women who join forces to fight a deadly enemy and, in the process, confront painful pasts to find peace with long-hidden secrets.


WANT MORE INFO? Read the excerpt on my website. Just click on ANGEL FALLS in the left-hand column. 


I am so excited. I LOVE THIS BOOK! I can't wait for you to read it. 


Enjoy the summer, and, if you preorder now, ANGEL FALLS will magically appear on your Kindle after Labor Day! 


All the best,



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