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The Blessed Bones

"Another awesome installment of the Clara Jeffries story! I absolutely love this protagonist, the setting, the the case file, the writing style.... just love it all! The whole thing is refreshingly different than all the other crime novels out there." 5-star Netgalley review


A spring day, but Police Chief Clara Jefferies has spent all of it locked inside the Tombs, a far back room at Alber PD combing through old files. One stands out, a photo of a young boy with a black eye. Clara turns it over and sees that justice was never done. No one investigated. The boy's father was never charged. The case is old, too old, but it gnaws at Clara. Is there a way to push the case, to make right what's been done so wrong?


Then a call comes in, a shallow grave is found on the mountainside, a young woman in a prairie dress, and something else: when she died, she was pregnant. Who is she? How did she die? Who's responsible? Clara's instincts tell her this isn't a natural death; the young woman was murdered. 


Meanwhile Clara's tortuous relationship with her hometown continues, even her own family pushing her away. But then something happens and they need her. Will it make a difference? 


The third Clara Jefferies mystery brings readers back to the strange mounain town of Alber, Utah, back into Clara's life as she's forced to confront her past and the man who stole so much from her. Two strange investigations intertwine along with Clara's troubled past and come to a surprising and harrowing conclusion. 


"Best one in the series! This just keeps getting better as the characters evolve. Can't wait for the next one!" - 5-star Netgalley review

Links to the book! 


Amazon: https://bit.ly/2KDcBtW


Apple: https://apple.co/2VeRobH


Kobo: https://bit.ly/3mcfAY9


Google: https://bit.ly/3mdv7ai