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Die, My Love: A True Story of Murder, Revenge, and Two Texas Sisters

In 2014, Elle magazine chose DIE, MY LOVE as one of the best crime books written by women!

"A Dark and haunting journey where good and evil, love and hate, collide with tragic results. Die, My Love is proof once again that Kathryn Casey is among the elite of true crime writers. This is her best yet." --Carlton Stowers, Edgar Award-winning author of Careless Whispers.

The nuts and bolts: In October 2004, Professor Fred Jablin was ambushed in the driveway of his home in Richmond, Virginia, as his children slept on the second floor of the house. A week later, his ex-wife, Houston attorney Piper Rountree, was charged with the murder. The resulting investigation revealed a story of betrayal, deception and revenge.

In a trial that mesmerized much of Virginia, prosecutors put on a case that showed a tumultuous 19-year marriage that ended in divorce in 2002. For the next two years, the animosity built between Rountree and Jablin, until, in October 2004, prosecutors contended Rountree flew to Virginia disguised as her sister Tina, then ambushed and gunned down Jablin as he walked outside in the early morning darkness to claim his morning newspaper.

"Die, My Love: a True Story of Murder, Revenge and Two Texas Sisters" is scheduled for publication in May 2007. It's an amazing story of a mismatched couple whose marriage went terribly and tragically wrong.

Read the story behind the story, and learn the answers to the case's unanswered questions: What part if any did Tina Rountree, Piper's colorful sister, play? Why did the marriage of a Texas attorney and a Virginia professor, one of the top authorities in his field in the world, end in murder?

Piper Rountree considered herself the perfect mother. Read "Die, My Love" and judge for yourself.