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The Temple Case

Last week a "48 Hours Mystery" program entitled "The Guessing Game" aired on Belinda Temple's murder. I'm currently working on a book on this case entitled "Shattered," scheduled to be published next year, probably in the fall. After the program aired, my e-mail runneth over with correspondence from folks interested in knowing my take on the case and how I judge the evidence.

I appreciate all the interest and the notes from so many concerned readers. It was great to hear from all of you. That said, I hope you'll understand when I say that while I find the Temple case fascinating, I make it a point not to publicly discuss any case I'm researching before the book comes out.

The process of book writing is a long one. I collect information from many sources, including attending the trials, in the Temple case a six-week commitment, reviewing transcripts and court documents, interviewing sources, and perusing police, autopsy, and forensic reports. I talk to everyone willing to talk to me, and I evaluate their honesty based on the total picture, how what they tell me fits the evidence and what I'm hearing from other credible sources. It's time-consuming and, at times, nearly crushing in its demands, but necessary to fully explore each case.

Despite so much interest, until the Temple book is completed, I'm not really in a position to discuss what it will contain. All I can say at this time is that I've worked hard and uncovered more about David's past, delved into his character to reveal what kind of man he truly is. I have also pieced together a more complete picture of what was going on between David and Belinda in the years leading up to her tragic murder.

So, I hope you understand why for now, I'm going to remain mum on the Temple case. But watch for SHATTERED's debut next year. It should answer many of your questions about what happened ten years ago this January 11, when Belinda and the baby girl she carried, little Erin, were executed in cold blood.
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