My day with the TV crew

August 21, 2013

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Monday was a big day for me. I left my office! Writers spend a lot of time locked up in our home offices, shutting out the rest of the world. But this past Monday, I departed my Houston home mid-morning for a drive to Katy, Texas, the location of the house where David Temple murdered his wife Belinda. The Temple case is the subject of my true crime book SHATTERED. The reason for my drive to Katy? A producer for the ID TV series DEADLY SINS wanted to interview me about the case for an upcoming episode.

What's it like doing television interviews about crime cases? That's what a Facebook friend asked when I mentioned my experience on social media. Well, it's usually pretty interesting. The process actually starts long before the day of the filming, when the producer, in this case a woman named Tania, conducts a pre-interview on the phone, asking questions about the case, the people involved, the trial, and my theories on what happened and why. A week or so later, I received an email setting the date, time, and place, a Hilton Garden Inn on I-10, for the official interview.

At the hotel, I was chaperoned to a conference room that had been converted into a temporary TV studio. There were three in the crew: Tania; the cameraman; and the soundman. One of Belinda's friends had preceded me so the equipment was already set up. The background cloth hanging on a frame behind me, however, clashed with my cranberry sweater, so it was taken down and replaced. Then the checks began. I was instructed to take a seat in a chair, at which point the light was adjusted (I hoped to mask my baggy eyes and many wrinkles) and a microphone was attached to my lapel. Tania and I chatted while the crew balanced the sound and the lighting, adjusted the camera, and then the interview began.

Sitting across from me, Tania asked the questions. She had four pages of notes on the case, a script of sorts she wanted to follow, one that coincided with the way the program would eventually be laid out. We started at the beginning, with what my research had uncovered about Belinda and David growing up, and in the first years of their relationship. From there we moved to their troubled marriage, David's infidelities, and his eventual affair with Heather Scott, the woman he wanted so much he was willing to murder to have her.

The questioning process went on for about two hours, during which I did my best to answer Tania's questions. The lights were hot, but the air conditioning kept the room cold, as I described what the evidence suggested happened on the day Belinda died. At times we backed up and started over, when my words jumbled or I lost my way. I'm far from expert at being on camera, only doing it a few times a year, so I can get rather nervous and distracted. The producers are usually patient, giving ample opportunity to redo when I segue off subject. All went well, and I did my best to give Tania what she needed to piece together the story for her program.

At the end, after I was unhooked from the sound equipment, Tania walked me outside. We talked, and she said what I've heard so often, that it's unbelievable that a man would murder his pregnant wife, just because he was finished with her. "It is," I agreed. "And tragic."


  1. December 29, 2013 7:23 PM EST
    im glad you got a chance to talk about this case.I remember reading about this and seeing it on the news.I just finished your book and now i really believe he killed her.When you need to know the truth about a case, read the book, cause the newspapers and tv dont give you the true story but you did. thank you for writing such great books.
    - bonnie west
  2. February 2, 2014 1:08 AM EST
    I just finished Shattered and it was my first book by you, but it won't be the last. I found your name on Ann Rule's site so I thought I'd give it a try. This is an excellent true crime book. Such a tragic story that is so well written. My heart goes out to Belinda's family. Thank you for this story.
    - Kate
  3. July 4, 2014 12:18 AM EDT
    This is my favorite book ever. I couldn't put it down, and when I finished it, I picked it up and read it again. I think, just from reading about Belinda and how David Temple treated her, got me hooked. I have read this book about 50 times. Kathryn Casey does so much work on the background of both Belinda and David--there was never a doubt in my mind David killed Belinda for Heather Scott Temple who he later married. Heather Scott Temple seemed to take a lot of pride that David killed her so he would be free to marry her--she is just as bad of a person as he is and I wondered if she had a hand in some of it. Even though David thought he'd gotten away with murder, it caught up with him in time and Heather even had to testify. It is the BEST book I have ever read
    - KathyTravis
  4. July 23, 2015 2:18 AM EDT
    Do you feel any differently now that a judge has recommended a new trial and that multiple instances of prosecutorial misconduct have been discovered in this case? I am no fan of Kelly Siegler, never have been, and am even less so now. She seems to just want to win; she does not seem interested in the truth.
    - Kelley Smith
  5. February 5, 2016 10:25 AM EST
    I came here to see if Ms. Casey had commented on the new developments. I felt sick to learn that this murderer is getting a new trial. It appears Belinda's mother passed away last year, very sad, but at least she won't have to endure another trial of the man who characterized Belinda's family as "white trash". I've always felt so bad for the Lucas family, how they were treated by the Temples, how they apparently were kept away from their grandson. I hope they put DMT away (again).
    - Mary Johnson
  6. May 1, 2016 3:36 PM EDT
    I have read many of your books and love them. My only observation in the "Shattered" case that makes me question whether David Temple did it is the phone beside Belinda in the closet. I don't think that was ever explained but would support the intruder theory. Every other piece of evidence supports that David did this. Your thoughts?
    - Teresa Newbrough
  7. December 3, 2016 12:17 AM EST
    OMGosh! She grabbed the phone to call 911 and dropped keys as she ran up stairs to escape husband! She didn't get a chance to dial- he was athletic and her 8mo preg. Diving in her closet he fired at her head. he even stated later that he tried to straighten her legs out after finding her. No preg. nor most women wear shoes once they walk in the door so that says it happened right away prob. right after she set the soup down. No one goes to store with a sick kid if they don't have to. Did he even need cat food? Did anyone ck last time was bought? Did they look for the gun with a metal detector? Question the kid- better.
    - mmartin
  8. March 26, 2017 2:25 PM EDT
    Yes, this man is guilty n former prosecutor Kelly Zeigler has been working on solving cold case murders with great success. She is smart n very intelligent. I believe strongly that a man like David Mark Temple is a real heel for cheating on a wife who is about to give birth n deserves his punishment.
    Instead of a divorce he killed her n then quickly married this Heather...too quickly n she is raising his son n furthermore keeping him away from his wife's family...
    She reportedly gushed about how much he l9ved her to kill for her.
    So i think she knows or believes he did kill.
    As for Kelly I have watched her over the yrs solve cold cases with hard work and determination. Even more so you make sure they had the rt. person.
    She should not be on trial.
    As to his son who was 3 at the time of the murder, he took a SICK boy out to a drug store. If his wife was al8ve he would not have taken a sick boy out of the house...his wife would have cared for him.
    He made sure surveillance cameras saw him to establish a defense.
    This will be a miscarriage of justice if he is not retried and convicted.
    AND don't forget they were both teachers at the same school.
    How could those 2 sneak aro7nd while his wife is about to give birth....and someone who worked with?
    It's sick.
    And don't forget his son has not been allowed to see how maternal grandparents.
    He has been fed a crock of lies n is not old enough YET to question it.
    - Donna