October 19, 2008

Hi All,

Just a quick note to say I have a new book coming out in nine days, kind of. Confusing?

The subject: The James Bergstrom case in Houston.

The nuts and bolts: Linda Martinez married the man of her dreams, a shy factory worker names James Bergstrom. James joined the Navy, and he and Linda moved to Seattle, where he worked on board a nuclear submarine. Only before long, there were indications that James wasn't the man Linda thought she'd married. By the time they returned to Houston, there was no doubt in her mind. Linda knew she'd made a terrible mistake and that her timid young husband was actually a dangerous psychopath, who spent the evening hours terrorizing and assaulting women.

Intent on stopping James, Linda threatened to notify authorites. James laughed: "Tell the world. No one will believe you."

For a very long time, no one did, not even the police Linda called begging for help.

So why is EVIL BESIDE HER "kind of" a new book? Because it's a reissue of my first book, THE RAPIST'S WIFE, first published in 1995, with a new cover, title, photos and author's note.

I know many of you have been trying to buy this book for a long time. It went out of print in 1996, and copies have been hard to come by. For awhile, I worked with the Author's Guild to self-publish the book, but the price was prohibitive, $24.95.

Now the book is back, better than ever, at regular paperback prices! Hope you enjoy EVIL BESIDE HER!