"She Wanted It All" is out and two new books are planned....

April 30, 2005

Hi All:

It's spring in Houston, but today is a bit cloudy and cool. No problem. It'll be hotter than heck here pretty soon.

Personally, this is a great spring. "She Wanted It All" is out and selling well. The web reviews on and are amazing, and (fingers crossed) it looks as if the book is picking up steam. If you've read it and enjoyed it, please tell your friends.

With that book on the shelves, I've begun two more: The first, which I'm in the process of researching, is the Piper Rountree case in Virginia and Texas. Really a fascinating case of an ex-wife convicted of gunning down her college professor husband. The second: The David Temple case which will be tried in Houston this fall involves a former high school coach up for trial in the death of his schoolteacher wife. There's brief information on both cases on my website:

So wish me well. It's going to be one heck of a busy year!

Stay safe,