Nearing Completion

January 4, 2004

Howdy All,

Sorry I haven't updated in so very long. It's been a busy year. The Celeste Beard Johnson trial ended in March, and I've been interviewing those involved ever since. Last time I counted, I'd conducted more than one hundred interviews.

The good news is it's been highly productive. I've filled in most of Ms. Johnson's life, and it's an amazing tale. She's left broken hearts and empty checkbooks from California, to Washington State, to Arizona, to Texas.

Luckily all but Steve Beard, her late multimillionaire husband, escaped with their lives. As you may know, Celeste is serving two life sentences in Texas' Gatesville Prison for murdering Steve. A jury ruled that she convinced Tracey Tarlton, her Lesbian lover, to murder him. Ms Johnson is appealing the conviction.

I'm now in the final stages of writing the book -- tentatively titled "She Wanted It All" -- and I hope to have it completed later this month. Then, it's on to the next book. I have a few candidates in mind --sadly, there's never a shortage of cases -- but nothing firm as yet. If you're interested, I'll keep you posted. And if you have ideas for me, please forward them along. I'm always looking for the next story....

Take Care,