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It's time to protest again!

For all of you who've read EVIL BESIDE HER, it's time to e-mail or write letters again. James Edward Bergstrom, the psychopathic sexual predator in the book, is up for parole. Yes, I know, he got four 99-year sentences. But what does that mean? Apparently not as much time as the jurors wanted.

Bergstrom is a danger to society, especially women. If released, he will certainly victimize more women. He attacked 35 women in the Houston area in a two-year period, raping five of them, and he threatened to kill the last victim, a high school cheerleader.

Make your voice heard and keep Bergstrom behind bars. Here's how.

Write a letter of protest. Please be sure to include the following information:

His name: James Edward Bergstrom
His state ID: 04408281
TDCJ ID: 00659297

Then e-mail, fax or mail your protest letter to:

TDCJ – Victim Services Division
8712 Shoal Creek Blvd, Ste 265
Austin, Texas 78757
FAX: 512-452-0825

Be blunt about why you want Bergstrom in prison: because if he ever gets out, any woman who crosses his path is in danger.
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